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A 360° view of worker safety

You have a team who works hard. Whether they are in the field or in the shop, you want to ensure they leave safe everyday.

Sentinel Alert’s software let’s you learn from your workforce to create safer, smarter worksites. Get a 360° view of worker safety and deep insights into operations so you can achieve safer productivity.

Turning Technology into Powerful Safety Insights

  • Connected Team

  • Risk Detection

  • Online Management

Make data-driven decisions with deeper accuracy to improve the wellbeing and productivity of your workforce.

Smart Safety Gear

A smartphone based application auto-records important data from your team to detect accidents and operating anomalies. Like any other piece of safety gear there’s no interaction with the solution, keeping your team focused and safe to do the job.


Real-time Safety and Performance

Ensure your workers are safe, and gain real-time insights on operational performance. Sensor technology lets you understand the worker experience in new detail. Learn how workers move, exposure conditions, hazards, workflow and more.


Turn Data Into Life Lessons

The solution learns from safety events today to predict and prevent them in the future. Data gives you the power to anticipate and safeguard against future accidents.


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