How to protect yourself at workplace?


An unhealthy or toxic workplace can result into poor health, less productivity and increase absences. It places more stress on the individuals if the issue is not addressed on time. One has to protect himself from the unhealthy environment.

Sustaining an injury runs the risk of either losing the job or reducing the ability to do that job which might result into lesser wages. Even though many governments have regulated this area and imposed duties on employers to take maximum care of their employees, but it is the ultimate responsibility of individuals to keep themselves as safe as possible.

Here is how one can protect himself at the workplace.

Know the policies

Either the government or the institution itself will have a set rules and policies outlining the approach to health and safety in a specific workplace. Having an idea of values and work ethics can allow individuals to overcome regular problems with workplace. It is imperative for them to increase self-awareness.

Figure out potential hazards

This is a subjective consideration. Hazards will vary from workplace to workplace. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to create a register where team members can list down all the potential hazards associated with the workplace. Next step is to make assessments of each and every hazards by figuring out the consequence of the hazard and likelihood of its occurrence.

Once priorities have been set up, look out how each of them can be prevented. For example, a task can be redesigned to remove unsafe work practice. Gather as much information about the task and implement a solution to the hazard. Then do a review to check whether it has been solved or another problem has been created.

Look after work areas

This is one of the most important steps in order to protect yourself at workplace. Each workplace will be divided into several areas. For example, check out the communal, maintenance and office areas before beginning the work. Beware of all kinds of equipment that requires care and caution.

Use protective equipment

Protective equipment is essentially important. It protects you from potential hazards. For instance, civil engineers are required to wear helmets and boots to protect them from workplace dangers. Similarly, doctors and nurses are required to wear aprons, masks, gloves and suitable shoes. This is how protective equipment keeps you safe and secure from potential dangers.

Use the body carefully

It is important to always use the body carefully and protect it from all sorts of injury. This is particularly important if your job description entails lifting of heavy object. Body mechanics must be practiced properly to avoid strain on muscles. Nevertheless, if you have a sedentary job, then make sure you have the right body posture in order to eliminate back pain.

Right mindset

This is the pre-requisite for all the above points. Be optimistic and always look for the positive side of all the stuff. Do not let challenges and stress overcome yourself. This is how you can become stronger on the workplace.


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